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local_mall About IderaOS

Our Goal

To journey with you as far as you would let us- from first sale to full scale.

Imagine going through a disorganized file cabinet where you have to find different documents. A search that should take seconds becomes hours of frantic search.

This was what running an e-commerce store was like for us. We literarily had to find a company to build the webpage, meet another for payment solutions, arrange with another for delivery, go through another tussle to sell via social media, don’t even mention market insights because we had no idea where to get that. The ones that offered a three in one package (website, payment solution and logistics) had a high subscription rate that would have eaten deep into our capital which was barely enough.

After months of frustration at trying to make this work, we thought, could there be a way to do this faster and cheaper while getting the same or even better value… This is how IderaOS was born

We created an interconnected ecosystem that takes care of everything your business needs including local shipping, payment solutions, inventory management, market insights and social commerce regardless of the business location or size at an affordable rate. Sort of a one stop shop for any business to start, grow, manage or scale their business. A place our businesses could call home.

Our Vision

To empower people to live their best lives and improve their communities through effective and efficient commerce.

To power tomorrow businesses today

To drive economic prosperity and social change in Africa by increasing commerce effectiveness and efficiency leveraging digital technology.

Our Team

We want you to play as hard as you work. That’s why we have the best team on ground constantly putting you at the center of all that we do.

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